Whole 30 Update…Just Over Two Weeks Down!

So, today is Day 17 of my Whole 30 Program…


Now that I’m in the midst of the challenge I am totally kicking myself for not doing this the minute I learned about it…just like the program guidelines state…“But don’t put this off, not for one more day.  If you give yourself excuses or reasons to delay, you may never begin.  Do it now.”  I should have listened.

I put off doing the Whole 30 for several reasons…
a)I’ve been gluten, soy and refined sugar-free for 5+ years, grain-free for 1+ years
b)I’m at a healthy weight and BF% which is easily maintainable for me
c)I don’t eat out or consume any processed foods
d)I didn’t want to give up cream in my coffee or butter in well, anything or my greek yogurt and berries
e)I thought I had this diet/lifestyle pretty much dialed in and that I didn’t need it despite my occasional (and becoming more regular) digestive issues

Boy, was I mistaken!

At first I didn’t really notice any difference in any aspect (energy, digestion, sleep…) and I truly thought…”I will give this until day 15 to see if anything changes significantly and if not I’m going back to my normal routine”…
I woke up on day 15 and BAM, everything had changed!  Go figure.  My energy levels were higher than normal, I was sleeping through the night without a potty wake up at 3am and started having regular BM’s (without herbal assistance…I know TMI!).  I know we are not supposed to get on the scale during the 30 days and I truly didn’t step on it once until Day 15 but my weight is a huge factor in my health (meaning I can tell when I eat something that causes inflammation in my body by an increase in my weight)…down 3.2 pounds!  Ok, so this program really works…I’m still going and really can’t see that I will be adding dairy back, ever.  The only other thing that I’ve cut from my diet for this program is stevia and an occasional 1-2 T honey or palm sugar which I can take or leave…

If someone like me who eats a clean diet already can experience life changing results in 15 days I can’t imagine what someone eating a less than optimal SAD can experience…

Do it.  Do it now.  You won’t be sorry…

PS…the scale was a one-time thing for me on day 15…I haven’t been on it again and won’t until day 31. 😮

Be watching in the coming weeks for some new recipes…now dairy-free and fruit sweetened.  Hmm…let’s see…gluten, grain, legume, soy, dairy and sugar-free…I promise they will NOT be taste-free!


  1. I have done strict Paleo for more than 30 days in the past and, like you, I have found it leads to feeling my best. But I now drink heavy cream in my coffee in the morning most days. That is hard to give up and I have not found the coconut creamer to be very good and it has some funky ingredients in it. Do you just drink your coffee black when you are doing Whole 30?

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