All About Me…

Me on my 40th birthday.

For as long as I can remember life has been all about me…how could I not be happy?

I am the only child of two incredible parents, the wife of a wonderful husband and the mother of two exceptional children. I have great friends that I enjoy spending time with and I have an amazing job as a flight attendant that allows me to travel the globe.  Life is good.

My hope is that through this blog I can share with you what inspires me to live a simple, healthy and happy life.


  1. Rose Marie Sparacio says:

    Love your site and all the info you share…through the years I have had much trouble digesting foods properly… last i am finding the ,”Paleo Way”…(I hate using that word diet.)..a great way for me to consume real foods without having any problems.

  2. Jennifer Becker says:

    I just found your site! It’s amazing! I can’t wait to spend a whole day scrolling around. Are you really in Colorado Springs? Me too! Thanks for all the great recipes!!

  3. jacquiglutenfree says:

    Love what I’m finding here! You look so familiar, I wonder if I’ve met you on one of my flights! 🙂
    Do you have any helpful suggestions for eating well on flights? Are there foods you take when you travel? Some of my flights top 12 hours at times, so food can be a challenge. I can’t eat eggs onion, gluten, soy, or dairy, so this doesn’t help matters. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes!

    • Jacqui…I travel with things that I can freeze a lot of times…packages of deli meat with cut up vegetables, whole avocados that I can cut up and mash in salads, frozen smoothies that keep my stuff cold and then thaws so I can eat it. I order foil packets of wild salmon that aren’t heavy to carry and don’t have to be drained. Rice crackers, protein bars and dark chocolate squares. Apples with almond or peanut butter packets…

    • Jane Pederson says:

      Just found your site. Yeah! Cannot wait to go through it. I am in Centennial CO and a retired UAL FA 🙂

  4. jacquiglutenfree says:

    Thank you for your suggestions! Have done most of these. But never thought of a Smoothie. 🙂 I’ve never frozen one. Do you have a recipe that you could share? Or a protein powder that you like? I can’t do a lot of sugar, need protein to keep me from going hypoglycemic. I guess that’s why I’ve never done many smoothies.

  5. jacquiglutenfree says:

    What kind of container would you use?

  6. Okay, I read your monster cookie comments. I’m curious what IS in the WF Monster cookie recipe exactly? Is the secret ingredient actually some big secret because I did your recipe and it was yummy but the original Monster cookie is still my favorite there’s just some something in there…could you post that for comparison?

  7. Hi there – is there an email address to reach you at? Thanks!

  8. Hi I was wondering on your grain free graham crackers can I use just coconut flour. my husband cant have any flour but coconut flour and no starch at all of any kind. He has AS and starch flares it up completely. trying to make life happy to eat for him.

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