Avocado Oil Spicy Mayonnaise, really?

  • Avocado Oil Spicy Mayo

Anyone who knows me will be quite puzzled by this post, but as always there is a motive to my madness.

One of the most horrifying memories of my childhood was on a bright sunny day in Shreveport at my grandmother’s house…I think I might have been about four years old.  My cousins and I had been enjoying a great day of playing in the sprinklers and riding bikes in the neighborhood when Mama called us in for lunch, we all sat down at my cute little metal table in the garage for our bologna sandwiches on white bread with a nice side of potato chips and a dill pickle, to my surprise as I bit into my sandwich…Mayonnaise!  If I had been a child that used foul language a hearty WTH? would have rang out of my mouth…I can vividly remember thinking, doesn’t she know I HATE mayonnaise? Did she mix my plate up with Scott or Troy’s?  I KNOW she knows I HATE mayonnaise…Why is there mayonnaise on my bologna sandwich????  Pretty funny the things that store up in our memories…no one else recalls this condiment tragedy but me, but it obviously made quite an impression. 

To this very day I still don’t eat mayonnaise as a condiment and have raised children who loathe the stuff as well…probably didn’t help having a husband that doesn’t like it either (which was a requirement to secure my hand in marriage).  Oddly enough we are a family that really digs ranch dressing…

For a couple of years now we have been making our own healthy, organic and artificial ingredient-free version of ranch dressing but we still have been using a canola oil mayonnaise.  In my desire to use healthier oils (more omega 3’s, less omega 6’s) I have been on a quest to make my own mayo…I only use it in a few recipes in my home which are the Ranch Dressing and my daughters favorite appetizer dishes of Hot Broccoli or Spinach and Artichoke Dips.  We are having an appetizer night tonight so I needed to get this made for our dip…came out great on the first try (today, that is…have tried several other times that were not successful, see recipe notes about “the drizzle”).  So, here it is, my Avocado Oil Spicy Mayonnaise Recipe…which will be lovely in my dressing and dips…and equally good as a condiment for those of you who actually like mayo!

Avocado Oil Spicy Mayonnaise

1 egg

1 T. lemon juice

1 T. mustard powder

½ t. minced garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

¾ c. avocado oil

In a food processor combine all ingredients except the oil and process until smooth.  While the machine is still running, drizzle ½ cup of the avocado oil into the mixture slowly.  Make sure you take your time on the drizzle, almost dropping it in a bead at a time; this will keep it from separating.  After you drizzle in the ½ cup, turn off the machine and scrape down the mixture and taste.  Add any additional seasoning, turn the processor back on and then slowly drizzle the remaining ¼ cup of oil.  Spoon into a glass jar or bowl, cover tightly and refrigerate for up to 10 days.  Makes 1 cup.

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